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About the Author

Virág grew up in Hungary and moved to the UK in 2008, where she met her future husband James and in 2013 they had their first child – Luke.


Virág grew up knowing a bit about God, but not caring too much. It took the most difficult of circumstances, when Luke became critically ill with a rare type of cancerous brain tumour, for Virág to know God more deeply. 


She felt called to write a book to share her amazing journey with a wider audience. The book is published as ‘My Mighty Son’ in English and “Remenyt Ado Elet” in Hungarian. 


Virág enjoys coffee, family walks and good Hungarian food! Virág and James have two children and despite successfully maintaining a couple of goldfish for a year, currently have no pets. Of course, if you’ve read the book, you’ll know all this.


Virág’s next project is a children’s book about heaven – find out more.


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Listen to Virag & James being interviewed on UCB Radio, and watch the film ‘Luke: The Motion Picture’, and read an insightful interview with Virag in The Human Story here.

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